Social media

Social media is the way I reach my audience. I started my blog at the age of almost 16. I started my blog so that I could share my experience as a donor conceived person with other people. Maybe people who felt the same way as me. Or parents who wanted to learn from my experience so that they could give the best to their children. And afterwards I also learned that donors were following me. To see how an experience of a donor conceived person can be. There were and there are still are parents, donors, donor conceived people who will ask me for advice. For example, about how they can talk about being a donor conceived wit their child. Or how to start a search for the biological father. There have even been people who, when they just found out that they were a donor conceived, ended up on my blog. They then hopelessly wonder: ” What can I do to find my biological father? Please help me. “

I am now busy with my blog. I started my own blog in September 2016. In the beginning I created a facebook page and a website with a simple web design. Now I am really busy and I have my own documentary series Missing Side on YouTube, about my life as a donor conceived person. Were still new episodes are coming up. I also went international. In March 2019 I started my first English podcast Missing Pieces. I also started an international channel with a number of donor children named DCP United. Where donor conceived people can tell their story.

The result of becoming a donor conceived person in the media
As a donor conceived person I ended up in the media world with my blog, many positive things happened because of it. I have been able to support parents, donor conceived people, and donors and to learn things through my experience in the donor conceived/ donor industry. Which was one of my main goals. But one of my other goals was to be findable for half brothers and sisters. That if they searched for donor E19 through the internet that my blog would end up at the top of the google search. And that happened! 3 months after the launched of my blog 2 half brothers found my blog through google. My wish came true!

In the mean time, the media has also started to find me, or I react when I think they are looking for a good story like mine. Haha. I have already been interviewed by a number of different magazines and magazines in the Netherlands: Parool, AD, Vriendin, Fashionchick Girls, Grazia and Gen Magazine (magazine for genealogists).