Searching for my Missing Side

What happens if you find out at the age of almost 16 that you have half siblings? This is my life story. I am a donor conceived person who wants to make a change in the industry of donor conception of which donor conceived people, donors and their parents are a part of. Since the age of 15 I have been trying to help people and inform the industry around donor conception about how donor conceived people feel and witch things a donor conceived person can do to start his or her search. I have been involved in a number of cases where we have been able to find biological father based on genealogy research and DNA testing, among other things.

My personal story
My story is that I was conceived by the sperm of my biological father who was known as donor E19 at the AMC. In March 2017 I met him for the first time. And now I have to wait for all my half brothers and sisters to be 16 or older so that they can make a request to meet our father, after which I get their contact details after that meeting. It is still a few years waiting but then I hope to know all of them. It may be that not everyone reports and wants to meet our father. It is their choice, but at least I hope they report themself to us. That I don’t have to ask myself for the rest of my life if every person I’m talking to can be my half brother or sister.