About me

I (Joëlle Domenica) was born on October 5, 2000. My 2 mothers were on cloud nine with their little princess. After first paying attention to me for a few years. I later got a little sister in 2003.

I have always known that I am was donor conceived. The first story that I can remember from when I was 6 was that we were in the kitchen and that my mothers told me that they had bought seed at a seed bank.

When I was 10 years old I bought a laptop from my birthday money with a little help. Then I googled on donor child. I had found a page where I found all my rights as a donor concieved person. I read that as a child of a ID release donor. It said that I could meet my donor father when I was 16 years old. And that if I was 12 years old I could ask for a donorpaper with social and physical data.

In 2016 I had sent an e-mail to the AMC (clinc) asking if they had more information about my donor father. I thought I would do something crazy and ask how many pregnancies are known under the donor number of donor E19. And this happened when I received an email. I was in class and took a brief look at my cell phone because I saw that I had received an e-mail back from the AMC. The AMC could tell me that 19 pregnancies in this hospitalclinc were conceived with the sperm of my donor father without being known what the outcome of it was. (For example miscarriage, twins etc.)

I was in shock. The first time I went to the AMC I met one of the doctors who inseminated mother. She would look for my donor passport and send it to me. After nothing came out after a year, we went back to the hospital and we were then sent to the donorpaper department. Unfortunately my donorpaper was not above ground but in the basement. They would send it and the donor passport was at our house after 2 weeks.

I have often asked my parents as a child if I could have half brothers and sisters through my donor father. They didn’t think so because the donor was sepcial chosen, I was always told. My hope had always been that my donor father had children of his own, but the donor passport he filled in in 2003 stated that he had no wife or children at the moment and that, according to him, that would not change anymore. But now I know that through his sperm 19 pregnancies have been through the hospital of which my sister and I are 2. So it may be that I have more or less than 17 half brothers and sisters walking around. It may be more if there are twins or less if there are miscarriages. I am now aware that 7 pregnancies of donor E19 have been successful and that 8 children have been the result of it. The others from donor E19 have not yet reported themself to us. And that is only at the AMC, because my donor father has also helped woman on a wishing mother website. Where 13 children have been a result of it. That means that I am the oldest sister (with 2 older half brothers) of at least 32 half brothers and sisters. How crazy is that?!?!

The relationship with my donor father.

The first meeting that I had with my donor father was on March 1, 2017, After that we joined our first meeting with my sister and later my parents. We talked to each other and exchanged contact information. He lets me choose the course of our relationship. I can say what I want and we both want to get to know each other. I take it slow. I go to school and also have my own life in which I certainly don’t want to lose him from. I Just have to find out where I want to place him. I’ve known myself better since I met my donor father. And know his (my) entire family tree already very good. I can say that I have a male figure that I am proud of and I look up to.

What do I hope for after my meeting with half brothers and sisters?

Half brothers and half sisters are another story. In the past, as a child, I always thought it would be nice to have such a large family with brothers and sisters just as in ” little house on the prairie ”. What is not my story. But I would like to see recognition with half brothers and sisters that seems very nice to me. We decide together how we will be a part of each other’s lives. For any half brothers and sisters you are welcome with me. At the moment I am building up a relationship with a number of half brothers and sisters. In addition, I come into contact with more and more other half brothers and sisters. I met a total of 8 half brothers and sisters.